Civility in Leadership: The Opioid Epidemic


On Wednesday August 15th, three diverse candidates will be discussing an issue affecting Chaffee County: Opioids. These candidates come from very different backgrounds and have differing views on many topics, but they all share a strong desire to work together and find effective solutions for those they hope to represent.

Opioid addiction often starts with a prescription from a doctor. Friends and family that may otherwise never venture into the world of illicit drug use often get addicted to pain killers and it can be all down hill from there.

County Commissioners Keith Baker and Greg Felt will discuss the damage opioids have inflicted on our community and how they cause ripple effects extending beyond the drug use itself. They may mention the reasons for Chaffee County's participation in a multi-party lawsuit and the change they hope it may cause.

Jeff Graf, candidate for Chaffee County Coroner, will discuss the prevalence of opioids detected in many death cases he has worked and the impact these have on the families of those affected. Mr. Graf has worked as the Chief Deputy Coroner for the last 16 years for Chaffee County.

Stephen Hall, candidate for Chaffee County Sheriff, will discuss some of the current trends observed by law enforcement as well as strategies to combat this epidemic. Mr. Hall has 22 years military and law enforcement experience.

Candidate for the Colorado House of Representatives District 60, Erin Kelley, will present legislative ideas for enabling law enforcement to battle this problem. Erin has 6 years of non-partisan legislative experience and currently serves on the board of the South Arkansas Fire Protection District and works at the Salida Fire Department.

Tips for keeping your family safe and an open discussion will be important parts of this event.

This is a free event.  Please RSVP on Facebook.

Patrick Kelley