League of Women Voters

I had the honor of spending a few hours with some extraordinary people whose mission is to educate voters about gerrymandering.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term “gerrymandering”, it means the party in power is able to create the voting districts for state legislators and Congress.  This allows the party in power to create districts more likely to decrease the voting power of the opposing party.

I strongly believe that gerrymandering is detrimental to democracy.  Those in power should not be allowed to determine their district. The consequence of gerrymandering is more extreme partisanship.  Our country is severely lacking bipartisanship, the void left hurts all Americans that believe they don’t have a voice, or that they won’t be heard.  Elections need to be fair and Americans need to trust the process. 

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan group, met in Buena Vista where they discussed their proposal for moving Colorado and the country toward non-partisan redistricting.  I was so incredibly impressed with the work they have been doing including: crafting Senate Concurrent Resolution 4 and 5, trying to find a Colorado House sponsor, and in the event the General Assembly fails to act, getting this issue on the ballot so the public can vote.  I am a supporter of their proposal and will be a public proponent.

I’d like to thank Toni Larson, President of the Colorado League of Women Voters and Jean Fredlund, Director and Chair of the League Redistricting Committee for giving such a wonderful presentation.

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