Public Lands

Colorado's public lands are our greatest natural resource. It is essential we protect them, ensure they aren't sold, and that entry fees remain affordable. We will show the rest of the country that we value our outdoor spaces and environment, and demand protection of these lands in Denver. Through our commitment to public lands, Colorado can be a leader and set an example for the rest of the country.


All of Colorado's citizens need and deserve reliable and affordable high speed internet and cellular service, but those in rural areas such as ours are at a distinct disadvantage.

We need to allow for municipal rural options where existing service providers do not plan to establish service. I believe access to the internet should be considered a utility.

Cellular service in Park and Custer counties is extremely unreliable and this raises concerns when it comes to access to safety and information services.

Additionally, it is incredibly important that Colorado protects net neutrality for our economy, small businesses, and education.


Healthcare is a right for all of Colorado's citizens.

Did you know that Park County does not have a single healthcare clinic or pharmacy? This must change immediately. Everyone needs to have access to healthcare.

Rural areas must have access to tele-health and tele-medicine, which requires reliable broadband internet.

Colorado needs to move to a healthcare model that his not driven by corporate profit, but rather one which grants all citizens access to the highest standard of care.

Women need healthcare that respects their right to control their body and their future.


Funding for education must be significantly increased immediately.

Per-student funding must be elevated to show Colorado's commitment to our children.

Colorado's teachers are valuable members of the community, our neighbors, and our friends. They deserve an across the board pay increase and better benefits. Salaries are determined at the local level but, of course, they must work with the budget determined by our legislators in Denver.

We need to focus on hiring more school counselors and school resource officers.


We have a severe shortage of childcare options in many parts of our district.

Childcare is essential for families and a requirement for a healthy economy. The negative effects of inaccessible reliable childcare include loss of income, limited career advancement, decreased lifetime and retirement savings, and loss of full-time benefits, all of which have long-term detrimental implications for our hard working families.

Affordable Housing

Our state's economy is thriving, as is evident by the number of large businesses and corporations which continue to relocate to Colorado from across the country. The downside to the economic growth is that Coloradans are not able to find affordable housing and housing options are especially limited for our families. Currently, the median price of a home in Colorado is $363k, an 8.7% increase in value from last year.

We must look at public-private partnerships to ensure our nurses, correctional officers, teachers, firefighters, police officers, EMS professionals, and others can afford a place to live. Furthermore, on the local level, we need to look at proposals that are mutually beneficial to a builder and the local community. Deed restricted properties and down payment assistance are necessary in the current real estate market.